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  • LABWIT Scientific offers lab instruments for both industrial and scientific applications where temperature and atmosphere control are paramount.

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  • SYSMEX-Partec offers a wide range of compact, desktop-sized flow cytometry systems, with up to 5 light sources and up to 16 optical parameters, covering dedicated scientific and industrial applications.

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Galileo Bioscience

  • Galileo Bioscience is a manufacturer of high quality systems for nucleic acid and protein electrophoresis and separation.

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  • Biosan's catalogue includes instruments for sample mixing, centrifugation, thermostating, cell cultivation, boxes for work with DNA, devices for biosafety, thermostatic control, spectrophotometry and fluorometry. Read More ...

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  • HTL is one of the world’s major manufacturers of liquid handling equipment.

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  • Supplier of high quality fluorescent gel, chemiluminescence documentation and analysis systems, plus a wide range of UV light sources and equipment.

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Next Advance

  • Next advance is a leading provider of laboratory instruments for the life sciences, including our Bullet Blender® tissue homogenizers, automated blot processors, rockers & pumps. Read More ...

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  • Supplier of laboratory instruments, molecular biology instruments and medical equipment for R&D, production, sales and services enterprises.

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  • Major Science is a professional manufacturer of various of power supplies.

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  • Esco offers a choice of Conventional Thermal Cycler, designed to meet critical requirements for all kinds of PCR processes.

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  • GFL offers high quality lab equipment, including water baths, shakers and water stills.

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